The Script Savant

The Script Savant provides extensive consulting services: basic editing, storyline suggestions, re-writes, and full script creation. We…

  • adapt stories and novels
  • analyze and critique screenplays
  • transform original concepts into professional screenplays
  • highlight strengths and weaknesses, providing line-by-line analysis
  • make formatting, typographical, grammatical, and storyline alterations
  • translate to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin
  • develop marketing strategies for funding, promoting, investors, and distribution
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One thought on “The Script Savant

  1. I totally agree that in an industry that is changing new authors into scriptwriters overnight, there has to be a stop-gap measure to keep the quality of new scripts advancing. I’ve helped several new authors who feel they can just go get published without worrying whether they have a good product or not. Half the time they don’t check their spelling or structure.

    What is making them so blinded to the writing process? Is it all ego?
    I’m glad you are an independent company with a new set of standards and the ability to help authors and new scriptwriters move forward with capable products.

    Good luck to you.
    Rusty LaGrange

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